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Hop on board the Leadville Railroad for Easter Fun! The Easter bunny has made us a new stop on his route. Enjoy a relaxing ride through the beautiful San Isabel National forest where you’ll view snow capped mountains, towering evergreens and a panoramic view of the Upper Arkansas River Valley that cant be beat!

On the way down the mountain the conductor will release 5-6 guests at a time for an Easter Egg Hunt for ALL ages! Each guest is allowed to grab 5 eggs each (make sure you choose carefully once you touch it its yours.) Then guests will bring their eggs into the box car to be opened in front of our attendant! Some eggs are filled with candy while others are filled with great prizes and discounts!! Tickets for Easter Egg hunt are $15.00

We cant wait to share this fun family friendly experience with all our friends. See you on board!! 

Leaving the Leadville Railroad Depot on March 31st at 1:00 PM