The Lounge Cars

Lounge car seating is a different way to experience the Leadville Railroad.  Enjoy enclosed seating with large windows.  Reservations will be for purchase by table, not by the amount of people.  We have the Fir Table which seats 1-2 people, and we have our Spruce Table which seats 1-4 people.  Our lounge car will have an attendant who will assist in purchasing concessions sold on board our train or answering questions you may have throughout the trip.

Available for purchase during your trip: hot and cold drinks, beer, wine, and a variety of concessions such as popcorn, candy, and chips.

Seating is in limited quantities, so make your reservations online.

Select book now to see if booth seating is available for your trip.

No pet animals allowed on the lounge cars due to public health rules.

In certain circumstances, if your family exceeds the table limit, we may allow them to join you for an additional fee. This is offered at the discretion of the crew that day for a fee of $45.00 for the additional passenger.  They are also welcomed to pay for and sit in general seating at its standard fee.


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